The New Direction in Custom Orthotics

By breid

amfit scanThe Benefit to You: Save Money + Comfort

  • Professional shoe fitting by our Certified Pedorthist or D.P.T.
  • Foot/ankle Biomechanical Exams by our Physical Therapists
  • Gait analysis and Hip flexibility screening
  • Over the counter foot inserts modified for your exact foot type
  • Custom foot orthotics using the AmFit Computerized Digital scan, the most specific and precise device for measuring foot orthotics
  • Orthotic adjustments and small repairs immediately
  • Avoiding wasting money on a closetful of useless, wrong shoes.


We use the AmFit Digitizer, the most precise measuring device for foot orthotics available.  The cost is $310 + tax, all additional inserts cost $155.00 + tax.

Have your foot digitally scanned, to allow for a full contact, full weight bearing custom orthotic that lets your foot be “successful and comfortable.”imagesDTFJLJZD (2)

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