3 OPT Staffers Certified Through the Challenging GIFT Program 10-Month long Fellowship

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Don Levine, Guerrino Boni and Bert Reid have all successfully completed a 10 month long journey through the penultimate functional Physical therapy training program known as “GIFT”. The GIFT program is offered by the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (Grayinstitute.com) and represents the very highest level of functional therapy and rehab training available in the country. Designed by Gary Gray and having the leading biomechanical expert, Dave Tiberio Ph.D., as it’s Dean, the GIFT program has graduated only about 500 national and international Fellows. These students are then put through a certification in Functional Manual Reaction (FMR) which emphasizes both the ‘active’ and the manual approach for rehab through a functional, hands-on and research proven system. Based in Michigan, the GIFT program teaches the PT to think beyond the symptoms, and far beyond the ‘traditional’ handed-down non-functional PT that is not based on clinical research.

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