“…all Physical Therapy places are not created equal..”

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No comparison to any other physical therapy center I have been!

Because I live in Massachusetts when I have a problem that requires physical therapy I attempt to fix it at places near me in the Boston area where each time they address one small portion of the problem. They take a myopic and dated view of the problem. Frankly, it was waste of time going elsewhere because when I come down here to OPT Physical Therapy, Bert and his team get it right away every time  and create the perfect exercises to help  get me right back into my natural state of wellness. I am continually amazed how quickly and accurately I am diagnosed, how clearly and respectfully it is explained to me, and how every member of the team (and there are many) is flowing in sync to guide me through the exercises. In an era where doctors barely look patients in the eye, this facility is so refreshing because of the many ways they listen to their clients. Sitting in a chair my neck began to ache and in that second Bert intuitively picked up on it before I moved or said a word and then proceeded to work on the area. I’d like to say I have been looking for a place like this but truly I didn’t know it existed before I came here. I now tell my doctors that all physical therapy places are not created equal. There is one that is exceptional and surprisingly fun!  Heating and cooling pads, electrical massaging, helpful explanations, individualized, thorough and thoughtful exercise plans customized for you, and lots of smiles! This is the model for the perfect physical therapy center!

Melissa Yahia/Harvard MA

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