Middletown Girl’s Basketball Preps to Defend Title; OPT helps with Conditioning Program

Coach Michael Yates is working the Girls’s Basketball team hard this year in hopes of matching the perfection of last season.  Gritty and determined, the girls are in pre-season drills and conditioning, awaiting the start of this year’s schedule.

Last week on Day 1 of practice, Coach Yates invited OPT PT in to set up the pre-practice and pre-game workout program.  OPT PT develops, through their advanced training and Fellowships, team oriented sprots specific training programs to build better athletes.

“It has been a positive experience for us and the girls have bought into the routine and use it everyday before practice and games.
We are in better shape, physically and mentally, and the Power workout has been instrumental in our success this year and hopefully for the years to come.
We are very happy that the staff at OPT Physical Therapy has become a part of the Middletown High School Athletic Department and their sport teams, especially the Girls Basketball Program.
We totally endorse the using of the Power workout and especially would like to thank OPT for their time in bringing this great program to us and the Middletown Athletic Department”.  Michael Yates, Head Coach  MHS

OPT Orthotics Again Going Around the World

Casey Smith, Team PUMA Crew Leaving

“I was suffering intense pain in my right arch for more than a year, after being fitted for a set of off the shelf Orthotics from you the pain is gone after one week.
I am looking forward to using the custom ones you have made for my sea boots on the bow of Puma’s Mar Mostro in the Volvo Ocean Race”.
Best regards
Casey Smith

The Staff at OPT wishes Good Luck, safe travels and Godspeed to the crew of TeamPUMA.

Check out:  http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/Overview/1/race.html

Changing a sail:  http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/gallery/format/html/Volvo-Ocean-Race-Redux-Just-one-of-many-sail-changes-/2537/page/1/videos.html

Wild, Rough Race Footage: http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/gallery/format/html/Difficult-Decisions-Volvo-Ocean-Race-Redux/2278/page/15/videos.html

“Less back pain…and I enjoy coming”

“I find this type of PT to be very helpful.  I have improved my outlook and reduced the amount of pain in my back during normal activities.  I enjoy coming…”  Mary E.

This patient offered these kinds words to the staff at OPT following her care.  She stated she had been to “other kinds” of Physical Therapy, all of which failed to help her get back to being active. These admitted ‘passive’ therapies did not allow her to improve, or to play with her Grandkids the way she wanted.  The functional approach used by the staff at OPT, using research proven techniques and exercises, helped make a happy Grandma and happy kids.

“…all Physical Therapy places are not created equal..”

No comparison to any other physical therapy center I have been!

Because I live in Massachusetts when I have a problem that requires physical therapy I attempt to fix it at places near me in the Boston area where each time they address one small portion of the problem. They take a myopic and dated view of the problem. Frankly, it was waste of time going elsewhere because when I come down here to OPT Physical Therapy, Bert and his team get it right away every time  and create the perfect exercises to help  get me right back into my natural state of wellness. I am continually amazed how quickly and accurately I am diagnosed, how clearly and respectfully it is explained to me, and how every member of the team (and there are many) is flowing in sync to guide me through the exercises. In an era where doctors barely look patients in the eye, this facility is so refreshing because of the many ways they listen to their clients. Sitting in a chair my neck began to ache and in that second Bert intuitively picked up on it before I moved or said a word and then proceeded to work on the area. I’d like to say I have been looking for a place like this but truly I didn’t know it existed before I came here. I now tell my doctors that all physical therapy places are not created equal. There is one that is exceptional and surprisingly fun!  Heating and cooling pads, electrical massaging, helpful explanations, individualized, thorough and thoughtful exercise plans customized for you, and lots of smiles! This is the model for the perfect physical therapy center!

Melissa Yahia/Harvard MA

OPT Foot Orthotics Patient PATRICK TODD gets the sacred “Sub-4” in Mile Run

Patrick Todd, University of Virginia, OPT Foot Orthotic patient, last week joined the elite running circle as a “sub 4-minute miler”.  Patrick ran a 3:59.76 at the Music City Distance Meet.  Originally from Highland Park, Texas, Patrick was a standout runner at U. Texas and the Big 12 1000M Champ as a Freshman.  He was injury plagued and then  transferred to UVA.  In the Summer of 2010 Patrick traveled up to the Wakefield office of OPT and he received a set of OPT Custom Foot Orthotics and some Therapeutic Exercises for his injury care.  Patrick’s Dad e-mailed the latest news about Patrick’s triumph of breaking the sacred 4-minute Mile barrier.  Patrick has been running pain free and training hard, and it is a testimony to his perseverance, effort and pride that he is now going full steam ahead.

Incidentally, Patrick’s Dad also brought Patrick’s sister up from Dallas for her own foot evaluation.  She is an elite champion runner as a freshman in High School, and is also using OPT’s orthotics and running strong.

Hey Bert,

Yes, my pops is still on cloud 9. It was really great to have my whole family in Nashville. The race could not have set up more perfectly. The gun went off and I settled into the middle of the pack. The rabbit took us through the half in 2:00. My teammate, John Minen, and I surged into the lead.  As we came into the last lap I saw 2:59 on the clock, heard the bell ring, and realized I was going to run a sub 4 mile. I got boxed in coming around the last turn, but thankfully got out in time to dip under 4 min by a quarter of a second. It was a surreal moment seeing my name with 3:59 on the board, but I wish the board could have displayed all the names that made that race possible: the LORD, my family, coaches, teammates, trainers, and doctors such as yourself. 

I have not had any feet problems at all this season. Thanks again for all your help!


Patrick Todd

Shalane Flanagan, OPT Orthotics Patient, Running Pain Free: 3rd in WORLD CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS

SHALANE FLANAGAN, OPT Orthotics patient, Finished 3rd in the WORLD at the World Cross Country Championships in Punta Umbria, Spain on March 20th.  She was the Bronze Medal winner and lead the USA team to the 3rd place finish among Open Women.

Steve Edwards, Shalane Flanagan’s Husband and Training Coach, wrote to say the following:

“I guess no news is good news. Shalane’s running great, no feet issues whatsoever. This is maybe the first time ever she’s ran pain free! Its been seamless training for her over the past year or so!”

Congratulations, Shalane, from your friends at OPT.

Kyle Phelps, PGA Head Pro, Rhode Island Country Club, RI Amateur Champion, Titleist PI Certified

I first met Bert when I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back.  The pain that I experienced was excruciating. I was concerned that I would not be able to play golf again and even more concerned that I would never be pain free again.  Through Bert and OPT’s help I am going on 11 years pain free and have more mobility then I did when I was 16 years old.

   As an instructor of the game of golf it is very common for me to see people who develop swing flaws or play less golf due to injury, physical limitations or pain.  For these people it is vital to get help from a person who not only treats the symptoms, but cures the cause of the pain.   In my experience there are none better then Bert and team at OPT.    Bert not only is a medical expert, but he understands the functional movements of a golf swing. This expertise will not only make you feel better, but can help to improve your body so that play better and play longer.  

 Kyle Phelps PGA Professional .

Debra Scott, Patient

“After brain surgery and being temporarily paralyzed on my left side from my hip down, I was very weak in muscle movement. My back and lower body suffered verymuch. Thanks to Guerrino and OPT for all the exercises I’m happy to report wonderful results. I’ve never been more flexible in my life. My coordiation is great. Thank you for all your dedication to my well being. Friendly staff, too!”.

Christine Fagan, Patient

“Thanks to OPT’s encouragement and expertise I have not only regained the flexibility and strength in my neck, but know that if I continue with the program that I will avoid future neck problems. Thanks so much for helping me to get stronger each day!”

Dr. Kevin Ettefagh, Aquidneck Medical Associates, Newport, RI

“OPT Physical Therapy is an excellent resource to provide PT services to your patients. We have referred many of our patients with sports injuries and other rehabilitative needs to them and have been very satisfied with the service they provided. They respond to our referrals promptly and provide us with appropriate feedback on our patient’s progress. I have had the opportunity to witness the professional and courteous manner with which they treat their patients”.

Matt Bouchard – NY Mets

Thanks OPT for always getting me back on the field.  You guys are better than the Pros!

Shalane Flanagan: 2nd Place at 2010 NYC Marathon wearing OPT Orthotics

Shalane Flanagan, 2008 Beijing 10K Bronze Medalist, and current record holder for the Women’s 10K, 5K and Half-Marathon, made her marathon debut at the NYC Marathon on November 7, 2010.  Shalane, an OPT Orthotics patient, was fitted at the Middletown office of OPT in 2008 and has been wearing the OPT Orthotic for training and in her racing flats.   Shalane made her Half-Marathon Debut in Houston by setting a course record (1:09:39), and ran the Philly Half-Marathon, and then her marathon debut in the run through the 5 boroughs of NYC.