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Boston Marathon Competitor Getting Ready Again

“Thanks to the OPT Team for getting me through the Boston Marathon 2018”, Danielle Kennedy, NBC10, Providence.  Danielle is training now for 2019 Boston.

Former Patriot, now NY Giants Nate Solder Gets on Track at OPT

Off-Season was tough on friend NATE SOLDER of the NY Giants, formerly of the Patriots.  But, he spent some his Summer days at OPT in Middletown.  He’s back in action playing on Sundays.  Best of Luck to Nate.

URI Grad Kyle Regnault; NY Mets, OPT

Kyle Regnault; NY Mets, URI

Shane, Newport Fireman, …”It’s unbelievable…”

“It’s unbelieveable…I was out of work for six weeks. I couldn’t walk. I put in the inserts on a Tuesday and I felt so good I went for a run on Thursday. Thanks for the help. I need two more pairs”.Shane

Salve Regina Baseball’s Jimmy Fitzgerald at OPT

Jimmy Fitz
Salve Regina Baseball player Jimmy Fitzgerald shown doing his baseball specific functional Ther Ex. Jimmy’s message was, “Thanks, OPT…I feel great now. No pain now and for the first time ever I touched 90 on the gun (90 mph). I can’t wait to get to Florida…”. SRU travels to sunny FLA for their first Spring games. Go Jimmy, and go SRU. We’re rooting for you!!

OptoGait Running Analysis for Speed or Injury

Here’s another top-notch athlete/runner, Nicole.  Fresh off flying through the 10-miler “Blessing of the Fleet”, Nicole is getting tested on the OptoGait system at OPT-Wakefield.  She ran in college at Springfield, and now chooses her competitive runs.  Last week we analyzed her running gait for fine tuning.  Nearly flawless in most data findings, she shows her elite form.  The OptoGait shows the video analysis and has data for step length, contact time, flight time, stride angle and more…all parameters that you’d never know otherwise.  Injuries can be prevented, patterns predicted and asymetries can be eliminated to allow for PR- peak performance.   Here we also compared two different pairs of running shoes to see which ones matched her stride and feet better.  “That’s cool…I wish I had that information before”, said Nicole after reviewing her results.Nicole OptoGait

OPT Friend Kyle Phelps Wins RI Golf Teacher of the Year Award

OPT long time friend and patient KYLE PHELPS, Head Pro at Rhode Island Country Club in Barrington, was recently named the 2013 Golf Digest RI Golf Teacher of the Year. Presented to one person in each state, Kyle was recognized for his teaching expertise and professionalism with running his shop at RICC. Kyle runs RI’s best Junior pogram, and is the Assistant to the Barrington HS Golf Team (State Champs). Kyle is getting ready to run the 2014 Disney World Marathon. He completed the Newport Half, and has many marathons under his belt. Congratulations Kyle from all of us at OPT.

Heather Abbott: Profile in Courage; Newport Strong

Heather Abbott of Newport, RI, a victim in the Boston Bombing, is making a strong comeback. Heather’s left ankle was too badly injured in the bombing on April 15.  She underwent an amputation a few days later.  Since then she has been to Sapulding Rehab and now is a patient at OPT in Middletown.  Her progress has been unbelievably swift and steady.  She is well ahead of schedule, and has since returned to work.  The last bit of rehab for Heather at OPT will involve plyometrics and return to running as she is anxious to begin to get back to the activities she loves.  We wish her continued strength and progress to go along with her great, positive attitude.

Heather Abbott Takes First Steps with New Prosthesis

Heather Abbott of Newport gave permission to OPT to announce that she has taken her first steps with her new prosthetic limb.  Heather was a victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing and doctors were unable to save her foot.  She spent weeks at Spaulding Rehab in Boston and then after several weeks at OPT she now has her new limb.  Today she took her first steps at OPT.  Look for Heather on the cover of People Magazine on newsstands today!.  We all wish Heather the best of health and happiness as she begins the next chapters of her full recovery.

Ralph Caruso Jr: Barrington High Varsity Baseball Coach

Don, Although my late mother would be very put out with me for waiting so long,  I wanted to thank you and Matthew for the time you spent with my pitchers and  catchers this past Wednesday afternoon. I know how busy you are with your  practice. The instructions you provided for stretching exercises and flexibility  have already been implemented. The boys certainly gained a better appreciation  of how they can improve their performance with better conditioning. You have  certainly helped me to improve the level of instruction these young men deserve,  and for that I am very grateful. I will be in touch with you again soon, and  please know you have a box seat waiting for you for any Barrington High baseball  game.
Ralph Caruso, Jr.
Varsity Coach

PGA Golf Tour Star Brett Quigley: “Thank You, OPT PT…”

Following three YEARS of leg pain, PGA Tour Golfer Brett Quigley is now headed back in the right direction.  Treatments of P.T. as well as custom orthotics have helped relieve the nagging nerve compression that caused him to sit out from the PGA Tour.  Using intensified specialized manual therapies and functional therapeutic golf-related exercises learned from National experts, including gurus Howard Dananberg, DPM, and David Tiberio, Ph.D., P.T., Brett’s P.T. visits were very effective…but not easy.  His injury required deep and sometimes excruciating release to the trapped nerve.  Years of trouble led to an immobile joint which traps a leg nerve pathway.  Brett gritted his teeth and charged his way through the exercises and the manual mobilizations.  The team at OPT PT “tried everything, including the tough ones”.  “A lot of people wouldn’t put up with what he had to fight for in treatments…he’s a monster.  He’s a tough guy.  You can sense his desire to get back to the top”, says Bert Reid, D.P.T.  “For a few years he has been in pain, struggling through as best he could, and favoring that limb.  The nerve was being crushed, and he kept on playing.  We’ve tried a combination of shoe inserts that had immediate benefit the day he tried them in his golf shoe and sneakers, and we did P.T. treatments everyday he wasn’t playing in tournaments”.

“Three years of pain, five visits to the Mayo Clinic and no results!   Four weeks with your orthotics and physical therapy and I’m on the road to playing the PGA tour again.   You guys are the first to help me get feeling healthy again for life and golf!  Thank you”!
Brett Quigley
PGA Tour
Brett, of Barrington, RI, and an All-American at the University of South Carolina, is a 2 time Champion on the Web.com Tour and has finished in 2nd place five times on the PGA tour.  He has made over $11 million in career earnings.  He also won the prestigious Northeast Amateur in 1988, and has played in the Master’s, the British Open and the U.S. Open.
“There was an improvement after the second treatment…and that was after three years of pain”.


R.I.’s PGA Pro Brad Faxon Visits OPT Middletown

Thought by many to be the greatest putter in PGA tour history, Brad Faxon practices his magic touch on the carpet at OPT.  Bert Reid, DPT, looks on in amazement and envy of his putting prowess.


Barrington, RI’s own Brad Faxon made the trip to Middletown OPT recently.  Working on flexibility and trunk exercises related to golf, Brad was prepping for his trip abroad to this week’s Senior British Open.  Brad also received a new pair of foot orthotics in time to travel to Turnberry for the tourney, which starts Thursday, with Brad off the 1st tee at 10:10.  Brad had been a patient 4 years ago, and also had orthotics made back then.  He spent some of his Summer in Newport in between some Champion’s Tour events and the PGA Traveler’s Championship in Hartford, CT.

OPT PT has a specialty in Sports Performance training, and Bert has his certification with the NikeGolf Performance Program as well as Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certification.  Several of the staff have completed the updated training in rehab, sports biomechanics and team training via the Gray Institute’s Fellowship called the G.I.F.T. program.  The GIFT program is the only one of its kind and fewer than 300 people nationwide have completed the Fellowship, and that includes co-owner Don Levine, D.P.T., and Guerrino Boni, the manager in the Wakefield office.

OPT wishes the best of luck to Brad at the Open Championship.

OPT Named to RI H.S. FOOTBALL COACH’s Assoc. “Hall of Fame”

OPT Physical Therapy has just received notification by mail that OPT has been selected to be inducted into the R.I. High School Football Coach’s Association’s “Hall of Fame”. Official word of the award came from the desk of Mr. Tom Milewski.

The award is based on OPT’s 16th year of dedicated service to area Football teams for game-day coverage, providing Athletic Training services through its outside agents, and for rehabilitation to literally thousands of area football players among other HS sports ahtletes and community members. Thes programs provided at the schools is always offered free of charge as OPT prefers to share the programs learned as a community service.

Since 1995 the personnel of OPT has been involved in assisting the football teams, among many other teams both male and female, with pre-practice and pre-game stretching and conditioning routines. OPT also provides time for Summer Conditioning programs based on the latest research available in Sports Conditioning from the best Personal Trainers and P.T.s in the country, as well as daily rehab care for the injured players.

OPT will be on hand to be inducted on January 18th at Wright’s Farm in Burrillville.

Atlanta Braves AAA Prospect Shawn McGill at OPT

Shawn McGill, Atlanta Braves AAA

Catcher Shawn McGill, South Kingstown HS and Boston College Alum, is doing training and conditioning at OPT in Wakefield.  Prepping for his Spring Training trip in mid-February, Shawn is getting stronger and increasing his flexibility with baseball specific functional exercises.  He has hopes of making it to the big club from all of his hard work and determination in his off-season strength program.

OPT Orthotics Again Going Around the World

Casey Smith, Team PUMA Crew Leaving

“I was suffering intense pain in my right arch for more than a year, after being fitted for a set of off the shelf Orthotics from you the pain is gone after one week.
I am looking forward to using the custom ones you have made for my sea boots on the bow of Puma’s Mar Mostro in the Volvo Ocean Race”.
Best regards
Casey Smith

The Staff at OPT wishes Good Luck, safe travels and Godspeed to the crew of TeamPUMA.

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