Golf Fitness and Performance NG360 Program (Formerly NikeGolf)

No football player or baseball player would think of playing well without working out.  Now, the same for golfers.  OPT and Bert Reid, D.P.T., holds the distinction as being CERTIFIED through the Gray Institute for the Functional Golf Specialist program.  This is the most unique and most widely-respected pure golf functional movement system of its kind in the country.  It is “Authentic to the Game of Golf and its Movements”.  Covering all phases of motion, stability, balance, power and endurance for training for golf.  The course was taught by both David Tiberio, Ph.D. and also Jonathan Moore.  Jonathan Moore played on the PGA Tour and is currently the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Oklahoma State University National Champions in golf.  Dr. Tiberio is widely regarded as the number one biomechanics and kinetic chain expert in the field nationally.

OPT PHYSICAL THERAPY has a rich tradition of providing High-End Golf Fitness and Golf Performance for all of its community members…and even a few more notable golfers.  Having developed an original program based on Functional Golf Fitness, called “Gravity Golf” Personal Golf Fitness, our team of Physical Therapists are trained specialists in improving “Body Flaws” that may impede your golf game. A roster of former patients of OPT include Tour players Brad Faxon, Patrick Horgan III of Newport, Tour Pro Brett Quigley, Club Pro’s Kyle Phelps (RI C.C.), David McAndrew, Bill Hafner, Newport CC, Scott Spence (7 Majors played), John Frizzell, (Waunometonomy), Club Champions Bob Savoie (RICC), Charlie Hayes, Newport CC), and scores of other better players as well as High School golfers from Narragansett and the CCRI Varsity golf team.

NikeGolf had originally teamed with the OPT mentors Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio of the Gray Institute to develop the world’s leading golf fitness program, now called NG360.  The Nike name and logo connection expired, but was a hefty and honorable task.   The NG360 information and approach the Gray Institute uses is unmatched and unlike anything else in the world of golf.  The difference for the consumer or golfer/player is in the evaluation process.  “A Golf-Like” experience from start to finish, your golf evaluation will focus on precisely which joint(s) and which muscle group is underperforming or limited.  The evaluation process is done in standing, in rotation and in tri-planar motion…not coincidentally, exactly like golf!  Once the limitations are found an additional process of determining stability, the ‘proprioceptive’ control we know are essential to golf.    True value, true outcomes and true understanding of why the program is the most effective from a golf-specific rehab and training perspective.

Bert has been selected to the team for the Troon Golf Academy at Foxwoods Resort and casino.  Bert is part of the Elite Junior Golf Academy Teaching/Fitness staff.


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Working with the NG360 and TPI Golf Fitness component, Bert will join the staff at Troon as they train the region’s top youngsters in the Elite Juniors Program.

” I spent almost $400 on a new driver thinking the ball would go farther.  I wish I had spent half that on this NikeGolf.  It wasn’t the driver…I just couldn’t move well.  I feel good about learning about my particular problems, and I feel bad I wasted my money an a club.  Thanks”;  Matt

“I never knew I was so tight.  I learned alot and the stuff is easy to learn.  He showed me how to stretch out using a golf cart when I get to the course”.  Tom

TO SCHEDULE an NG360 (formerly) NikeGolf Fitness EVALUATION, simply call either the Middletown office (401) 845-0840 or the Wakefield office (401) 284-3424 and ask for a “Golf Evaluation Appointment”.  The appointments are self-pay and they are a 2-part program.   The cost is $150 for two visits ($75 per visit).  The first visit takes place in the office, the second usually, (whenever possible and preferably!), takes place at a driving range.  There is homework to be done based on your specific weaknesses, ‘tightness’ findings and limits based on the personalized evaluation process.  Since the NikeGolf evaluation is done in a very golf-specific and golf-like way (unlike other programs) you get the benefit of knowing how the findings will help your game…and WHY.    Click on Link to see the NG360 (formerly NikeGolf) Introduction by Nike   Gary Gray Intro

The co-owners of OPT (Bert and Don) have completed the year-long advanced fellowship in Functional Biomechanics and Applied Functional Science.  That Fellowship teaches an evidence based functional approach to injury rehab and sports performance.  Much of the program is based on the principles of sport including golf, running, throwing and other common sports-related injury intervention.

“I’ve always had back pain even though I’ve been very active. I’ve had severe back pain for the last three months. Last Saturday I played golf and it was the first time in three months I haven’t had back pain.” Bernie L.

In cases of back pain, leg pain, foot pain, etc, we merge the knowledge of the sports performance and rehab functional approach to the knowledge base of proper foot biomechanics.  The combination of sports rehab and foot solution allows for easier, safer and more enjoyable return to sport.  See our collection of “Success Stories” and our Hall of Fame on the main page of the website for more consumer comments.
Co-Owner and golfer Bert Reid, D.P.T., has developed a Golf-Specific training and testing program that is truly a hybrid of everything that is correct about FUNCTIONAL GOLF FITNESS.  To the golfer, that means you can count on receiving a valid, research-driven and proven method of improving one’s flexibility and golf-strength, and a program that will help you understand all of the following:

1.  Exactly what you’ll need to know about why other programs are ‘full of holes” in their approach…and how to choose the right approach for you. This is not a cookie-cutter program.

2.  The KEYS to learning and then choosing the flexibility moves necessary to correct “Body Flaws” which limit your rotation and impede your swing.

3.  Where the POWER comes from in the golf swing…and how to add it into your game if you know the biomechanical advantages.  They’re not secrets, in fact they’ve been with you all the time!

4.  Learn the ONE KEY MOVE to creating POWER and Stability…something Ben Hogan described over 60 years ago…and then asked his caddy not to reveal.

5.  You’ll be able to answer the question to the golf swing anatomy staple…What is the Single Most Important Joint in the BODY to Creating a Solid, Strong Swing?

6.  You’ll learn the keys to creating a simple HOME EXERCISE routine which takes 5 minutes to perform, and consists of about 3 things that will increase flexibility and power for every day use.  Once you know the fundamentals of biomechanics towards Golf Function, you’ll see why the other programs full of pages and pages of exercises are wasteful and poorly thought out.




NG360 Golf Performance and Fitness Testing: 2-visit package for $150.  The visit occurs on a driving range.

TPI Testing:  Testing and exercise prescription based upon the TPI program protocols. $135

Hybrid “Gravity Golf” Version:  More in line with the Purely Functional Golf Specific training, it incorporates the “Greatest Hits” of  Golf Function, testing and a personal golf fitness exercise program.  The program is based on the GIFT Fellowship recommendations and the TPI golf protocol for the perfect blend biomechanics, body flaw analysis and Golf-Specific training and conditioning.  The hybrid program is offered for a fee of $150, and subsequent personal training sessions, 1 0n 1 in the office, are available at $70…roughly the cost of general personal training fees.

OPT’s Golf Coordinator
Bert Reid, PT, DPT holds  his Certification in the NG360 /NikeGolf program powered by the Gray Institute as well as the TITLEIST PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE’S Medical and Fitness Professional Certification. He also, more importantly, has completed a 10 month Fellowship with the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (G.I.F.T.). Under the tutelage of Dean David Tiberio, PhD., P.T., Bert studied the biomechanics of Sport and of Golf-Specific Flexibility and Strength. Dr. David Tiberio is regarded nationally as the leading expert in the biomechanics of the Kinetic Chain. Bert received his Certification in Functional Manual Reaction (FMR), the highest level of Functional Manual Therapy available for Sports Specific Training available. He was the Captain of the Tulane University Golf Team, ’87, where he was the lead player and an Academic All-American.