High Gear – Wakefield

Much like the OPT Challenge, High Gear is a functional workout built around incorporating all 3 planes of movement into high intensity single and partner exercises.  Our emphasis is on hard work and FUN!  Designed to ‘ramp it up a few notches’, many of the movements you will perform in High Gear will take your body in directions you haven’t thought of with traditional exercise.  Guaranteed to tax the mind and body, the workout is a timed 45 sec on / 15 sec off circuit set to energetic music. 

Unlike other circuit training workouts, High Gear’s movements do not require a specific background in power lifting or weight training.  It incorporates many whole body ‘sport style’ plyometric exercises that will get your lungs pumping and make your muscles feel the burn.

Participants of High Gear are encouraged to contribute to its design every week as well.  We never repeat the same workout twice, and any suggestions participants make for the next workout will be in the next week’s lineup.  Participant enjoyment is the goal, and we promote hard exercise in a light-hearted atmosphere that gets as many smiles as it does sweaty brows.

Come see what the fuss is all about!  In high Gear, your first class is always free!  After that classes are $6 each / $ 4 with a student ID.  Packages available for non-students at 10 sessions for $55.  Package sessions are good for both High Gear and OPT Challenge.

You must have Parental and/or Medical Clearance to participate. OPT and its agents are not liable for any medical problems arising from the class.

Classes are held every Wednesday night at 7:15 pm at OPT of Wakefield.  Max size per class is 30 participants.  First come basis.  Please feel free to call OPT’s Wakefield office at 284-3424 for any questions.

Building some power!