Middletown Girl’s Basketball Preps to Defend Title; OPT helps with Conditioning Program

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Coach Michael Yates is working the Girls’s Basketball team hard this year in hopes of matching the perfection of last season.  Gritty and determined, the girls are in pre-season drills and conditioning, awaiting the start of this year’s schedule.

Last week on Day 1 of practice, Coach Yates invited OPT PT in to set up the pre-practice and pre-game workout program.  OPT PT develops, through their advanced training and Fellowships, team oriented sprots specific training programs to build better athletes.

“It has been a positive experience for us and the girls have bought into the routine and use it everyday before practice and games.
We are in better shape, physically and mentally, and the Power workout has been instrumental in our success this year and hopefully for the years to come.
We are very happy that the staff at OPT Physical Therapy has become a part of the Middletown High School Athletic Department and their sport teams, especially the Girls Basketball Program.
We totally endorse the using of the Power workout and especially would like to thank OPT for their time in bringing this great program to us and the Middletown Athletic Department”.  Michael Yates, Head Coach  MHS

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