OPT Adds “OptoGait” Digital Analysis for Running, Sports and Geriatric

By breid

OPT has added a new feature, the only one like it in RI. The OptoGait System, a digital gait analysis machine, helps the staff develop Fall Risk Testing, sports gait analysis, power, agility testing and running analysis on a treadmill. Bert Reid, DPT, has received his training in using the OptoGait and Emily Miller, ATC, has been assisting in developing programs and administering tests, along with technical support. So far, the OptoGait service has been used at Bridge to Fitness in Middletown, and shown here, in October at Riverbend Athletic Club in Wakefield. This program was in measuring Fall Risk through the Drift protocol and Marching in Place testing as a predictor which is backed by loads of research. Knowing that half of all Nursing Home Residents and 1/3 of all community-dwelling seniors have a fall each year, and that it costs billions to rehabilitate fall victims, OPT is hoping to help with its screening. The leading cause of death among Seniors are injuries from falls. There is no more precise way in science to measure their actual gait mechanics in real data relating to their risk of fall than OptoGait. “It’s like Christmas for us. A new machine that gives us tons of fresh data that we can interpret and use for helping Seniors and other data for helping our athletes”, says Reid. “There’s nothing better than the OptoGiat to do this job well”. />optoGait 2

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