OPT Challenge

OPT CHALLENGE is the original Functional Fitness Program designed by OPT’s team of Physical Therapists.  Originated 10 years ago, it has been implemented in Health Clubs, Gyms, High School and in Team Performance Training and is the basis for what we use in our Sports Conditioning programs.

Our Sports Conditioning Programs, which derive from the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (G.I.F.T., Grayinstitute.com), are in full swing and in use at area high schools, colleges, health clubs and running clubs.  Our original program called “Power of Play”, featured in the Providence Journal and on WPRI, is an OPT Challenge-like program for kids to combat the crisis of Childhood Obesity and Childhood Depression.

Hundreds of community members have experienced the difference between the ‘same old stuff’ of other exercise programs, and the OPT Challenge program of Whole Body, Fun and Functional Fitness.  Designed to work every part of your body, the program will help, tone, strengthen, increase endurance and energy levels, add agility..and generally help you Get Back in Shape in a self-paced but fun way.

Done to lively music, the Station-to-Station workout incorporates all the best flexibility and strength components of a research-based and an evidence based FUNCTIONAL FITNESS Workout.  Your benefit is a complete and meaningful, self-fulfilling workout that is done under the careful, watchful eye of a licensed Physical Therapist.  You get an HOUR of exciting, energy-building and rewarding workout that far outpaces the other programs of single-plane, dull, repetitive isolated movement.

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