OPT Foot Orthotics Patient PATRICK TODD gets the sacred “Sub-4” in Mile Run

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Patrick Todd, University of Virginia, OPT Foot Orthotic patient, last week joined the elite running circle as a “sub 4-minute miler”.  Patrick ran a 3:59.76 at the Music City Distance Meet.  Originally from Highland Park, Texas, Patrick was a standout runner at U. Texas and the Big 12 1000M Champ as a Freshman.  He was injury plagued and then  transferred to UVA.  In the Summer of 2010 Patrick traveled up to the Wakefield office of OPT and he received a set of OPT Custom Foot Orthotics and some Therapeutic Exercises for his injury care.  Patrick’s Dad e-mailed the latest news about Patrick’s triumph of breaking the sacred 4-minute Mile barrier.  Patrick has been running pain free and training hard, and it is a testimony to his perseverance, effort and pride that he is now going full steam ahead.

Incidentally, Patrick’s Dad also brought Patrick’s sister up from Dallas for her own foot evaluation.  She is an elite champion runner as a freshman in High School, and is also using OPT’s orthotics and running strong.

Hey Bert,

Yes, my pops is still on cloud 9. It was really great to have my whole family in Nashville. The race could not have set up more perfectly. The gun went off and I settled into the middle of the pack. The rabbit took us through the half in 2:00. My teammate, John Minen, and I surged into the lead.  As we came into the last lap I saw 2:59 on the clock, heard the bell ring, and realized I was going to run a sub 4 mile. I got boxed in coming around the last turn, but thankfully got out in time to dip under 4 min by a quarter of a second. It was a surreal moment seeing my name with 3:59 on the board, but I wish the board could have displayed all the names that made that race possible: the LORD, my family, coaches, teammates, trainers, and doctors such as yourself. 

I have not had any feet problems at all this season. Thanks again for all your help!


Patrick Todd

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