OPT Helps at the Chamber of Commerce “Salve Merchant’s Fair”

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Salve Students Learning About Choosing Footwear

Staff Members from OPT made the trip over to Salve Regina U. in Newport for an afternoon to join in with other area merchants.  OPT was able to help the Salve community by providing consumer education on both the benefits of Physical Therapy as well as choosing proper footwear.

Bert Reid, DPT, and student affiliate Ashley Dentler, Northeastern U. DPT Candidate Class of ’11, were on hand to discuss the cost effectiveness of Physical Therapy services.  In these health care times, research overwhelmingly supports PT to improve one’s whole body functional wellness, and also to allow injured workers to return to work sooner.  For example, the direct and indirect costs of workplace accidents in the U.S. total $155 Billion dollars per year.  PT has been proven an effective strategy to reduce these costs with injury rehab, safety prevention and…more recently, the emphasis on Functional, active rehabilitation.  Contrary to a generation ago, doctors in occupational medicine focused on “Disease Oriented Models” of care, aimed at patients primary complaints.  Now, newer research fully supports a “Functional Focused Model”.  The strategy changes now as the restoration of function is implemented into job demand analysis, and towards more active patient involvement.  The more involved and functionally active the course of care, the proof is there to support that the patient has a quicker recovery and a more complete return to full function.  So, rather than passive therapies, a newer approach to a “Functional Oriented Model” of care will provide  more cost effective that leads to a better result for the patient. (Gagne et al, ’02)

Also at the Merchant’s Fair OPT had a table that displayed its lines of footwear, both sport and casual comfort.  The lines were chosen because of their proven qualities for support and comfort.  Bill Michonski, CPed ( a Pedorthist is a trained, certified professional who makes orthotics and modifies footwear for function and comfort), was on hand to educate customers on choosing proper footwear.  Recent research in the Journal of Biomechanics shows a simple 3-Step Process that a person could perform to determine if a shoe has proper support or not.  In as little as 3 seconds, it can be determined whether a shoe is worth buying, and largely whether the shoe is likely to be effective in providing support and comfort. 

For an appointment to learn the keys to successful running shoe or comfort shoe choice, contact OPT at 401-845-0840 in Middletown, and at 401-284-3424 in Wakefield.  Other sites also by appointment.

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