OPT On-Site at Newport Navy Base Gym: Optogait Demo

By breid

OPT was invited to display the power of the OptoGait to some advanced runners on the base. More than a dozen runners received an OptoGait Digital Running Analysis. The runners were of varied skill level, and one is a triathlon coach. Each runner received an individualized test and a chance to review the results. The OptoGait is the world leader in running technology for real-time data about running symmetry and power. “Information from the Optogait is something you can’t get anywhere else. It can help determine which shoe works best for you, running deficiencies and injury prediction, can steer how to recover from an injury and to compare orthotics effectiveness in a shoe. It has a huge amount of value for a runner”, says Bert Reid, DPT. The OptoGait an also be used to precisely measure balance for fall risk evaluation and also can measure plyometric power output for all athletes. “It’s safe to say that just about any big-time runner in our area has had the opportunity to try the OptoGait. It creates such a stir because of all it can do. It’s an exciting and powerful machine”.

All proceeds of this event will be donated to the Heather Abbott Foundation.

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OPT sends out a special Thank You to Scott McDonald of MWR for the opportunity to demo the Optogait at the Newport Naval Station.

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