OPT, Reid on the Road in NH Running Lecture

By breid




Nashua, NH: OPT was asked by a New Hampshire Running Coach to come to Nashua, specifically Amherst HS, to present a Runner’s Lecture.  The running coach, George Bower, is the host of a special race called the Joe English Twilight Challenge, a 6-Hour Ultra Marathon.  George is a patient of OPT and was sent there to seek out a Gray Institute GIFT Fellow. During his visits, George asked Bert Reid, DPT,  to present the lecture to the group of runners at the Expo.  Reid spoke about the Research behind running injuries, the evidence behind what makes a running shoe effective and supportive and what ways runners can improve their performance through science.  The use of Orthotics was discussed and the OptoGait digital analysis system were discussed.

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