OPT Staff Training with Dr. Howard Dananberg, Expert on Foot Care, Manipulation and Biomechanics

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 OPT Continues its Strong Tradition of Learning from Excellence: Foot Mechanics, Limb Pain and Low Back Pain; Spending a Day with an Expert.
As part of OPT’s ongoing stance as providing the highest level of care, OPT’s Physical Therapists are continually seeking the advice and knowledge of the nation’s most noted teachers. Shown here is Bert Reid, DPT, (r.) and Dr. Howard Dananberg, DPM. Dr. Dananberg is one of the foremost experts on biomechanical podiatric care, and an international expert lecturer on topics such as Low Back Pain related to common foot pathologies. He also discovered, diagnosed and was the trailblazer for the single most important discovery in forefoot biomechanics. His discovery of the sagittal plane blockade phenomenon known now as Functional Hallux Limitus, referring to a big toe mechanism which is limited and causes gait flaws, has led Podiatrists and Physical Therapists to more directly understand the solution to many foot pain, limb and low back pain causes. Because of mechanical overuse and faulty big toe mechanics, the pain sufferer is forced to change their gait pattern, and the effects can be seen up and down the legs and low back. It is the most misunderstood and understudied factor of the kinetic chain biomechanics, and provides great insight into why modern medicine overwhelmingly misses on its standards of care. That is, the problem or cause of the biomechanics is almost never where the symptoms appear. That is why the big toe, and its neighbors, can be the area of the mechanical flaw but not have symptoms at that site. The symptoms may appear at the Plantar Fascia (Plantar Fasciitis), the Posterior Tibialis (commonly a.k.a. one of the ‘shin splints’), knee pain or leg pain of varying sites, sciatica or low back pain.
Dr. Danaberg also pioneered the invention of the Insolia insert for high heels (Insolia.com), and developed and patented the “Kinetic Wedge”, a device to reactivate the impaired mechanism at the big toe. His office is in Bedford, NH, called the Walking Clinic.
Bert has completed a certified training seminar under Dr. Dananberg, and recently spent a day under the tutelage and observation of his latest skills. In learning some of the manipulations and mobilizations, many common foot pathologies can be treated in new, fully- research supported ways by the staff at OPT.
“Functional Biomechanical Physical Therapy” is a specialty at OPT, in contrast to many other regional providers. The job of the Functionally trained PT becomes a ‘treasure hunt’ to find the source of the pain, not to dab at the symptoms. The symptoms will only be removed organically when the source of the biomechanical fault is cleared.See More

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