OPT Uses Innovative Method for HS Teams Sports Training

By breid

OPT On Site at Narragansett HS Girl’s Basketball

Hoops Time!! Last week OPT was on site at Narragansett HS.  In preparation for the new basketball season, OPT was brought in to provide a new approach to the pre-practice warm-ups.  With special training in team performance and sports-specific training through a Gray Institute Fellowship, OPT leads the way with building stronger teams.  Out with the old ways of touching toes and doing suicides.  Innovative new ways include a tough regimen of basketball-related moves for agility, speed, power and jumping.  From a functional sports standpoint, there is no better method available for training the athlete.IMG_20141204_171848858 (2)  Currently, OPT has contracts for Athletic Training and Team Conditioning for Narragansett (since 1996), Mt. Hope (2013) , and Barrington and works with the teams from Tiverton (since 2003), Middletown and Rogers HS among others.  OPT provides team conditioning for many sports including Football and soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, golf, tennis Cross Country and Track and now swimming (at NHS).  OPT was even chosen twice to provide the team training for TeamPuma of the Volvo Ocean Race, a sailing event to go around the world.  Lastly, OPT provides much-needed support for the athletes who have foot and ankle/shin pain by providing custom fit and off-the-shelf orthotics as needed.  What goes in the basketball shoe (the insert) is usually more important than the shoe choice itself as basketball shoes are made to “look good” rather than to support the foot.  There is no need for foot pain in sports.

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