OPT WAKEFIELD Ready for “Power of Play” for Kids at South County YMCA JULY 15 @ 9:30 am

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click here to watch Power of Play video

   For the 3rd year, OPT will host a very special kids “Power of Play” Day at the South County YMCA on JULY 15 from 9:30 am- 12 pm.  Each year the staff of OPT joins the Summer Camp Directors in leading the kids in a fun-filled Play Day aimed at raising their awareness of the ways to reduce childhood obesity, childhood depression, anxiety and even childhood diabetes.  The day includes pairing up into groups and working their way through stations of fun play activities.  Different than the traditional kick ball, dodge ball and running games where the fastest and strongest thrive, in an event like “Power of Play” the games are designed so that each kid has fun, each kid works at their highest level of function and there really are “100 winners” for every 100 kids.  It is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC.  Contact the South County YMCA for more info.

“Power of Play” is an initiative modeled after a national Program called Free2Play, from the GIFT Program, the GrayInstitute for Functional Transformation.  It teaches kids to learn to love to play again..and to be more healthy and fit through active play.  It is done by choosing the right games that makes them want to come back and play again.

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