OptoGait, Digital Running Analysis, Newest Addition

By breid

The OptoGait, a digital gait analysis device, is the newest technology added to the OPT runner’s and athlete’s assessment.  “No one else in Rhode Island has one…”, says Bert Reid, DPT and co-owner.  “We’re thrilled.  This machine is fascinating.  It has so much power to analyze,… we’re learning new things every day”.  Victor Ricci


“We can see real-time measures of step length, contact time, flight time, drift…tons of stuff.  We’re looking for inefficiencies and asymmetries.  Once we find asymmetry, and it takes about 30 seconds, we can structure a retraining and rehabilitation program to work on exactly what is holding the runner or athlete back”.  The OptoGait can be used for comparing several different pairs of running shoes to see which is precisely the most efficient for that particular runner, compare left to right legs in case of injury, the drift inefficiency of running, stride angle, how effective and insert or orthotic truly is and more.   “Everything we need to know to make someone a better, more efficient and powerful runner.  This is why they say ‘Train Smarter’, …now we know how”.

“All the guess work is gone.  When choosing the proper shoe or testing the athlete, for generations it has been a guessing game.  Even the best of other running specialty stores operate from a ‘Give this a try…’ standpoint.  We can tell within a few seconds if it is working efficiently.  Then, if needed we can modify the insert, and then re-test.  It’s a biomechanically perfect set up”, says Reid.  “It’s a powerful technology here at OPT”.

Shown in the picture is a collegiate Division I runner from Seton Hall University, Victor Ricci.  Victor has a 5 mile PR of 26:34 and a PR of 4:15 for the Mile Run.  Last weekend a group of Ultra-Marathoners came down from New Hampshire to get on the OptoGait and to buy running shoes and get their orthotics.  “People come from all over because of the combination we offer of the injury knowledge, the way we make orthotics and can prove they are effective and to choose the right running shoe through research and with the OptoGait”.

An OptoGait session, offered in the Wakefield office, is roughly the same cost as a self-pay Evaluation, and it is out-of-pocket.  Currently $75, the evaluation takes about 30 minutes.  “People say it is well worth the price as they save on wasting money on shoes, on orthotics and the cost of being injured.  being injured means co-pays and down time…both things a runner hates.  By the way…they also run better.  It can be done for basketball shoes, golf shoes, cleats, tennis shoes and many others”.

One other important feature is the ability to do Fall Risk Analysis.  For our Senior Citizens, the direct costs of falls, according to the CDC is $30 Billion per year.  To predict and prevent falls, the OptoGait can be used to measure the older Adults drift, marching, gait pattern and ultimately their safety.  Once tested, the Senior can go through balance training and gait training, then can be post-tested to determine their exact capability in an effort to prevent falls.

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