OptoGait Running Analysis for Speed or Injury

By breid

Here’s another top-notch athlete/runner, Nicole.  Fresh off flying through the 10-miler “Blessing of the Fleet”, Nicole is getting tested on the OptoGait system at OPT-Wakefield.  She ran in college at Springfield, and now chooses her competitive runs.  Last week we analyzed her running gait for fine tuning.  Nearly flawless in most data findings, she shows her elite form.  The OptoGait shows the video analysis and has data for step length, contact time, flight time, stride angle and more…all parameters that you’d never know otherwise.  Injuries can be prevented, patterns predicted and asymetries can be eliminated to allow for PR- peak performance.   Here we also compared two different pairs of running shoes to see which ones matched her stride and feet better.  “That’s cool…I wish I had that information before”, said Nicole after reviewing her results.Nicole OptoGait

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