OPT Physical Therapy accepts almost all local and out of state insurance plans including Blue Cross & Blue Shield, United Health Care, TUFTs, CIGNA, Medicare and Tricare. We also accept patients with workers’ compensation / auto accidents. We do recommend that you become familiar with your physical therapy insurance benefits, as individual plans may vary.


Know your insurance and member benefits! Please call your member services to determine your member benefits for outpatient physical therapy. Every insurance plan is different; and knowing your coverage can prevent unwanted aggregation on your road to recovery.

A deductible is a set amount (i.e., $500, $1000) and must be satisfied before the insurance pays for services. This is an individual amount with a family max. Not all services are subject to the deductible. Not all plans have a deductible.

This is an amount that a patient needs to pay a provider over and above what their insurance pays. It can be a preset amount or it can be a percentage of what their insurance allows for the service provided.

This is the person (i.e., doctor) or medical facility (i.e., hospital) that renders the necessary medical services to the patient.

Providers that are in contract with you insurance company are in your network. It is always best to check and make sure that a medical provider is “in network” with you insurance company.

This means that the provider is not in contract with your insurance company. You may be covered for services but the reimbursement will probably be a lot less than if the provider were in network. This means more out of your pocket.

“We will work with you to keep your account current and avoid large balances.”