PGA Golf Tour Star Brett Quigley: “Thank You, OPT PT…”

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Following three YEARS of leg pain, PGA Tour Golfer Brett Quigley is now headed back in the right direction.  Treatments of P.T. as well as custom orthotics have helped relieve the nagging nerve compression that caused him to sit out from the PGA Tour.  Using intensified specialized manual therapies and functional therapeutic golf-related exercises learned from National experts, including gurus Howard Dananberg, DPM, and David Tiberio, Ph.D., P.T., Brett’s P.T. visits were very effective…but not easy.  His injury required deep and sometimes excruciating release to the trapped nerve.  Years of trouble led to an immobile joint which traps a leg nerve pathway.  Brett gritted his teeth and charged his way through the exercises and the manual mobilizations.  The team at OPT PT “tried everything, including the tough ones”.  “A lot of people wouldn’t put up with what he had to fight for in treatments…he’s a monster.  He’s a tough guy.  You can sense his desire to get back to the top”, says Bert Reid, D.P.T.  “For a few years he has been in pain, struggling through as best he could, and favoring that limb.  The nerve was being crushed, and he kept on playing.  We’ve tried a combination of shoe inserts that had immediate benefit the day he tried them in his golf shoe and sneakers, and we did P.T. treatments everyday he wasn’t playing in tournaments”.

“Three years of pain, five visits to the Mayo Clinic and no results!   Four weeks with your orthotics and physical therapy and I’m on the road to playing the PGA tour again.   You guys are the first to help me get feeling healthy again for life and golf!  Thank you”!
Brett Quigley
PGA Tour
Brett, of Barrington, RI, and an All-American at the University of South Carolina, is a 2 time Champion on the Tour and has finished in 2nd place five times on the PGA tour.  He has made over $11 million in career earnings.  He also won the prestigious Northeast Amateur in 1988, and has played in the Master’s, the British Open and the U.S. Open.
“There was an improvement after the second treatment…and that was after three years of pain”.


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