Pitchers Perform High Tech Exercise Before 2015 Season

By breid

Local Baseball Pitchers from South Kingstown HS and Narragansett HS among others gathered for non-throwing baseball specific workouts in preparation for the 2015 season.  While the guys start Pitchers/Catchers next week, this group has been meeting for weeks.  Based on the Best-Evidence Research available, including information from a seminar by Dr. James Andrews and the team at ASMI.org, the pitchers performed exercises at stations which have specific connections to types of baseball injuries.

Pictured in the dark gray TShirt is Mark Murphy, OPT employee and URI football student-athlete, as well as the gray sweatshirt, facing away, Tim Caputo, the URI baseball starting shortstop, another OPT employee.

“Each station has a purpose…some for the muscles that act upon the shoulder blade and trunk, some for the landing leg, some for the core and a few for the shoulder”.   “We have to know exactly what causes the baseball injury so we can prevent the source of trouble.  Some of things that other programs still do are absolutely proven to be causing trouble because they are outdated and often just done because that’s all that was known.  What makes this program different and better is that these Doctors who do baseball research, Dr. Andrews, Dr. Ben Kibler, Dr. Ed McFarland at Johns-Hopkins and others, have proven what things cause problems and what can be done to prevent injury”.  “Nobody else in Rhode Island has this information except for our colleagues at Prehab in Warwick”.  “Remember what Dr. Ben Kibler said…’If you ask a shoulder to throw hard, you’ll ruin it..’.”

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