Running Performance: OptoGait Digital Analysis

By breid

Looking to improve his training and PR, here’s another High School Varsity runner getting ready for X-C. Dan is on the OptoGait machine which precisely measures the different phases of running gait. These measures, just a part of OptoGait’s powers, can lead the athlete for performance training and for rehab in the case of injury. The OptoGait can also compare shoe vs. shoe to make sure you’re in the correct pair for your feet and running style. OPT is the home to the only OptoGait in Rhode Island, and is the home of the newest info of running research, running shoe efficacy and Fellowship-Trained Therapists to help you keep running your best and feeling great.

“Between the Orthotics you made me and my new tennis shoe my feet are the happiest they’ve been in a long time…”, Judy H., ┬áDietician and Professional Chef.

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