Student Athletic Trainer Program at Mt. Hope High!

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Mt. Hope High School Athletics and Sports Medicine Departments are proud to be hosting the first year of their new Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Internship Program. The program began this past fall with one intern and grew to two this spring. The goal of the internship is to educate Mt. Hope students about Athletic Training and other sports medicine related careers with a realistic view of what is involved. This program is open to Mt. Hope students interested in these career fields who are self-directed, passionate and dedicated to their future. Interns are required to complete an application and interview process similar to applying to college and professional positions.
Enhancing the Sports Medicine Department of Mt. Hope has been a priority of Athletic Director, Christy Belisle, and building an internship program is just one of the steps to advancing the program. OPT Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer, Ali Bower MAT LATC, who works the Mt. Hope contract also started her athletic training career in the athletic training room of her high school and enthusiastically took on creating the program.
Sophomore Samuel Forden and Freshman Samantha Lombardo joined the internship program this spring. Both are athletes with injuries that removed them from play, Sam and Sami developed an interest in athletic training while handling their injuries. As interns, they are given a hands-on look at the career of an athletic trainer beyond just the tape. Sam and Sami started their internships by participating in a CPR and First Aid class to help prepare them to respond in emergencies. So far, their services have not been needed but they practice scenarios so they will know how to respond. Such preparation has included practicing situations with Ali and a tour of an ambulance and short ride along with the assistance of Bristol Fire and Rescue. They are also actively engaged in learning other athletic training responsibilities such as injury prevention tactics, taping, bracing, wound care, injury assessment and rehabilitation exercises. Sam and Sami are present, with Ali, at games and practices, always ready and eager to respond should the need arise. Both are dedicated, focused and willing to learn and they are excelling and progressing every day. The Athletics and Sports Medicine Departments hope that the internship program will continue to allow students the opportunity to participate in career development throughout their time at Mt. Hope as well as serve as a model for other schools to further athletic training education in Rhode Island.
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