Training for Expertise: Staff Gets Inservice from Mentor

By breid

On Monday, OPT enjoyed a visit from Dr. David Tiberio, Ph.D., PT, for staff training purposes.  In an effort to remain at the forefront of functional biomechanics and advanced rehab strategies, OPT assembled its clinical staff for hands-on learning.  After 26 years at UConn, and renowned for being a National leader in the field of biomechanics, David continues his clinical zeal and understanding as Dean of the Gray Institute’s “G.I.F.T.” Program.  The GIFT program is a 40-week Fellowship with continually updated info on the very best strategies of rehab and Sports Performance.  On Monday, Dave discussed a new approach to a functional screening.  The screening allows for a true assessment of function in diagnosing and treating injuries.   In contrast, some other programs claim to be functional but have little carryover to life or sport, and are very fragmented movements.  The MAPS 3D program is measurable and reproducible, and it is easy to see how the special test can become the exercise for function, and how the exercises become the ‘test’ going forward as the patient improves.  And, the MAPS 3D program can be implemented to all ages and all levels of ability.Dave Tdave T 2

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