URI Baseball and OPT both have Big Wins

By admin

OPT of Wakefield hosted the 2nd annual “Little League Day” at URI Baseball on Sunday, May 1st.  The URI Baseball Team blanked the Temple Owls 16-0 and the OPT staff of Guerrino, Suzanne, Ashley and Bert served up FREE Hot Dog lunches to 150 Little Leaguers and about 250 other fans.  It was a classic day for baseball, and a fun day for the Little Leaguers.  Bert got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch, and the OPT office was awarded an official game bat signed by all the players in appreciation for making this great event happen.  OPT has been able to help Jim Foster and his team with injuries and new research taken from seminars offered by Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Ben Kibler.  OPT is the only regional provider with this information and the training guidelines for rehab and performance baseball training.  The newest research on baseball pitching does away with much of what was just handed down from coach to coach, and is the most progressive and aggressive program available today.

On a side note, during the serving of the lunches, generous and appreciative fans started an unsolicited ‘tip jar’ for the OPT staff, which amounted to about $240.  All the money in the tip jar was donated to the Autism Project of Rhode Island, which was OPT Wakefield Manager Guerrino’s idea.

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