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In honor of the Anniversary of September 11th, OPT asks that you remember the great acts of heroism during that time of tragedy. Alongside the two legged heroes on that day stood another team of four-legged helpers that continue to aid in keeping us safe: The K9 units involved in the search and rescue efforts.

September’s Pink Thursday for a cause is “Vest-a-Dog”: A local non-profit organization that provides bulletproof vests for the K9 Special Forces. 

 In the past 10 years, bullet, stab or blunt trauma injuries caused 60% of police dog deaths.

Why vest a dog? 
Vests are bulletproof and/or stabproof (e.g. knives, ice picks). In addition, they minimize blunt trauma injuries.
A K9 officer face the same if not greater risk than human officer as they are often sent in ahead of their human counterparts to apprehend suspects or investigate dangerous situations.

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