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Where’s the Proof?:
Barefoot Running vs.Running Shoes
barefoot running
There is no proof through research that Barefoot or minimalist shoe running has decreased injuries vs. shod runners in traditional running shoes. Running barefoot increases stress to the foot, and heel toe gait reduces foot stress. Running barefoot decreases stress at the knee and above, and heel-toe (shod foot) running adds stress to the knees and above.
Evidence: Comparing injury rate to runners with minimalist footwear: (Ryan M et al, Br J Sports Med 2013)
1. Neutral running shoe vs. partial minimalist shoe vs. minimalist shoe: (n=99)
a. Neutral shoe least injury: 4%, minimalist shoe highest: 12%
b. The ground forces were increased in the foot for minimalist shoes
c. Minimalist shoe wearers reported greater shin and calf pain incidence.
Evidence: Rearfoot Excess motion Increases with Minimalist shoes: (Sinclair J et al, Science & Motricite 2013)
1. Results indicate barefoot or barefoot inspired shoes had significantly greater eversion and tibial internal rotation. The eversion and rotational excessive forces cause running injury.
Evidence: Barefoot running reduces the amount of work at the knee and ankle (adding stress to the foot). Less ankle and less knee flexion angles noted in barefoot running. (Bonacci J, Br J Sports med, 2013)
SUMMARY: To decrease stress at the foot encourage heel-toe gait (traditional running shoe), and to decrease stress on the knees and hips encourage forefoot running (barefoot or minimalist shoe). The forces are mostly focused at the foot with barefoot running, and more shared up the limb with running shoes.

Injuries occur when soft tissue stress occurs either because of:
1. too much joint motion
2. motion that occurs too fast.

It is not just “too Much” pronation (or too little) but when and how fast it occurs…check your Gluteus Medius loading response.

On a safe surface, as a mix-in conditioning drill, I think it can be effective in small doses” Simon Bartold
The more ‘barefoot’ or minimalist a person runs the more stress is added to the foot and ankle, and vice versa…heel – toe reduces foot stress but increases in the mid-upper legs/core.

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